Why I Prefer M/M Gay Romance: It’s All About The Men!

As I mentioned in my previous post I evolved from reading just non-fiction self-help guru’s and biographies (of people with way more interesting lives than my own) to reading the erotic romance novels of great authors such as Karen Marie Moning, Maya Banks and Sherrilyn Kenyon, to name only a few (there are many!) – but it was the book Tempted by Megan Hart that really turned things around for me.

Just to recap: Tempted is about the perfect and cozy married life of Anne and James, living on a lake, crazy about each other, etc.  Then James gets a call from a long, lost college buddy, Alex, who accepts James’ invite to stay the summer before Alex leaves to travel overseas.  What transpires is a subtle realization that things are not what they seem in Anne’s world – she both fears and is tantalized by James and Alex’s intimate friendship. It’s a great story, but to me the ending was deflating – I felt as though Alex’s decision in that final scene went against everything he was built up to be, but of course I don’t know Alex like the author does so my ‘perception’ of Alex from the book was just that, mine alone. (more…)


My Evolution Into Reading Erotic Romance Novels

Karen Marie Moning's Highlander Series

Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander Series

A little background:
I have read books all of my life. I remember, at the earliest age, sitting on a swing in my backyard reading the Little House on the Prairie and Nancy Drew books as fast as humanly possible. I was lost in the world of Laura and Nancy – their loves, home life, daily adventures everything was fascinating to a young girl growing up in Nowhere-in-Particular, Indiana. After several years, in my teens, I graduated to biographies, I’m not sure why but the idea of reading about someone else’s life, since mine was dull as dish water, intrigued me and for about the next 10 years they dominated my reading library.  (more…)

Weekendspiration: Go Outside, Enjoy Autumn!

The smell of the wet fallen leaves, the wood burning fireplace chimneys, a biting chill in the air nipping at your nose and ears, and then you walk into your home and you are greeted with the aroma of homemade soup and baked apple pie… it’s Autumn!  I originally posted this on my Pinterest board “Falling For Autumn” so I thought I would share it here.

Regardless of when your weekend is or how many days you have off, or if you work from home as I do, you owe it to yourself to enjoy everything Fall has to offer: beautiful weather, colorful landscapes in pumpkin, gold and every shade in-between. Throw on your favorite sweater, flannel shirt or grab a fuzzy, cozy blanket and gather around the fire pit for marshmallows, hotdogs and spiced cider! The following gorgeousness via Pinterest and Tumblr – Enjoy! (more…)