What Pinterest Teaches Us About Book Covers

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So you’ve been living in Antartica studying the personal hygiene habits of Emporer Penquins for the past 3 years and you have no idea what this Pinterest-thing is, right? In a nutshell, Pinterest is a magical place where you can take all your favorite images and “pin” them to your virtual happy boards!  In other words, it’s an online bulletin board–a place where you can have your dream kitchen full of amazing recipes you would never dare attempt, a dream home filled to the rim with Ralph Lauren styled furniture and decor that is way out of the average person’s price range and where you can plan your six-figure dream wedding to your perfect mate who looks an awful lot like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and David Gandy. (more…)


Why the M/M Gay Romance Series is so Popular

Don’t even tell me you didn’t scream at the T.V. when you saw Gone with the Wind for the first time; sitting there wide-eyed when the credits started rolling after the whole “…tomorrow is another day!” No way, Scarlett, it is NOT another day! I want to know where Rhett is going and I want you to gather up your big-ass hooped skirt and hightail it out to where ever he is and get that man back! I just spent 4-hours watching you pine over Ashley Wilkes for cryin’ out loud, waiting for you to come to your senses, and you’re going to just sit on the stairs?

What Margaret Mitchell failed to realize, is that Gone with the Wind needed to be a series; then maybe my 9-year old self wouldn’t have cried myself to sleep worrying over how lonely Scarlett was going to be without Rhett and how much I wanted to slap someone–namely Scarlett–for leaving me hanging. I would have been more like my 15-year old self when I watched in utter horror as the Millenium Falcon sped away from the rebel cruiser while Luke and Leia watched. Even though I wanted to strangle George Lucas in a very bad way, I knew I had something to look forward to; I had the third installment of the series to finish the story (or so I thought).


My Evolution Into Reading Erotic Romance Novels

Karen Marie Moning's Highlander Series

Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander Series

A little background:
I have read books all of my life. I remember, at the earliest age, sitting on a swing in my backyard reading the Little House on the Prairie and Nancy Drew books as fast as humanly possible. I was lost in the world of Laura and Nancy – their loves, home life, daily adventures everything was fascinating to a young girl growing up in Nowhere-in-Particular, Indiana. After several years, in my teens, I graduated to biographies, I’m not sure why but the idea of reading about someone else’s life, since mine was dull as dish water, intrigued me and for about the next 10 years they dominated my reading library.  (more…)