What I am:

I’m a writer, voracious reader, proofreader for an indie online publisher, Chief Home Management Officer, cool and witty mom of three grown children (o.k., I think I’m cool and witty, they might beg to differ), my husband’s biggest supporter and most loving critic (again, he may have a different view of things) and a complete blog and internet junkie with views and opinions on everything that crosses my path!

What I wanna be:

Someday I plan to be a world traveler (o.k., maybe I just want to go to Paris!), have my many works-in-progress published by an online publisher (I might settle for the DIY road over at Amazon too), downsize my monster home in the beautiful suburbs to a chic luxury high rise apartment with an amazing skyline view, donate/get-rid-of/sell over half of the “stuff” I don’t need (you accumulate a lot of “stuff” over a six-year period when you have the square footage to put it in) – I want to be the coolest, wittiest mom in the world (pretty sure I’m darn close) and the sexiest best friend my husband could ever hope for.  And, of course, I would like to have the body/hair/face of a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel (seriously, is that too much to ask for!).

What I am NOT:

I am not a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel (just thought I’d get that out of the way right up front); I’m not perfect, I’m not a DIY/made-from-scratch/who-needs-to-buy-it-when-I-can-make-it type person (you won’t read about me making amazing multi-tiered silk dupioni drapes out of burlap bags – online shopping is my friend!), I don’t push my beliefs/standards/political views/morals/lack-of-morals on others who are different than me!  I’m not fakey, holier-than-thou, or judgemental – unless I’m reviewing a DIY website, then all bets are off!  I am not an amateur chef/baker, I don’t drink wine unless I’m at a cocktail party (then I walk around with a nice Chardonnay for the evening), I’m not vegan-vegetarian-low carb-no carb-low fat or anti-sugar!  I am not rich, have a perfect 800 credit score, or have a loaded wallet with platinum credit cards – I am not a fashion blogger (not anymore, anyway) so don’t expect to see an ootd (that’s outfit-of-the-day for those of us who have a life!) and I don’t believe that the latest celebrity/starlet/skinny-ass actress should dictate what we wear or how we should live our lives (there a billion blogs/sites out there about “celebrity style”, I am not one of them).

Above all else, I love (and require) a great cup of coffee!  Yes, after all that I am or am not, it all boils down to this: I am none of this and all of this only 10 minutes past coffee!  Before that, I have no idea.


One comment

  1. Wow you SO sound like my type of girl lol. I can very much identify with your ‘What I’m Not’ statements, even as I chuckled when I read them. You, Madam, sound like a lot of fun! PS I also need coffee to survive 🙂

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