Month: December 2013

Manology 101: Anatomy

Sometimes I just like to see images of men, doing manly things–remember, women are visual too–so whenever I want to highlight the male physique or talk about the things that make men, well, men… class will be in session. Manology 101 is a study of men and the male mind–just kidding, I meant body, the male body 😉 There are few places on the internet that truly showcase the ways of men in a positive light… until now! Today I thought I would showcase the male anatomy in black and white photography, which shows off the body beautifully! So, pin/reblog/post away, or maybe just get some inspiration!



What Pinterest Teaches Us About Book Covers

via my Pinterest board: The Fine Print

So you’ve been living in Antartica studying the personal hygiene habits of Emporer Penquins for the past 3 years and you have no idea what this Pinterest-thing is, right? In a nutshell, Pinterest is a magical place where you can take all your favorite images and “pin” them to your virtual happy boards!  In other words, it’s an online bulletin board–a place where you can have your dream kitchen full of amazing recipes you would never dare attempt, a dream home filled to the rim with Ralph Lauren styled furniture and decor that is way out of the average person’s price range and where you can plan your six-figure dream wedding to your perfect mate who looks an awful lot like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and David Gandy. (more…)